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Cyclic Meditation Session – Meditate & Relax | Conducted By BISHAKA | Nirvana Wellness

Cyclic Meditation Session – Meditate & Relax | Conducted By BISHAKA | Nirvana Wellness

3rd September 2020 by Nirvan_Nirvana0

Yoga is an ancient science, originating in India, which has components of physical activity, instructed relaxation and interception. Based on the technique of ‘moving meditation’, which combines the practice of yoga postures with guided meditation was evolved called Cyclic meditation. An essential part of the practice of Cyclic meditation is being aware of sensations arising in the body. This supports the idea that a combination of stimulating and calming techniques like PMR( Progressive Muscle Relaxation) practiced with a background of relaxation and awareness during

Cyclic meditation may reduce psychophysiological arousal for stress and anxiety or other emotional restoring in the body. The practice of Cyclic meditation, includes yoga postures (asanas) which involve muscle stretching, is the ultimate relaxation technique for your mind and body. Regular exercise of this meditation can improve professional and personal stress management, improve your digestion, sleep, breathing, and other critical functions.

Benefits of Cyclic Meditation

  • 1. Deep reaction state of mind & body.
  • 2. Reduces accumulated stress from the system.
  • 3. Reduces hypertension.
  • 4. Provides emotional and psychological balance.
  • 5. Slows down the aging process.
  • 6. Improves the objective and subjective quality of sleep.
  • 7. Enhancing creative cognition by optimizing connectivity between the frontal and parietal lobes).

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