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Counselor Psychologist and Founder, Nirvana


Nirvana aims to ensure best facilities to it’s clients. Thus we are introducing the best expert panel in every sector.

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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”- Addressing only one’s mental and emotional issues are never enough. Understanding, connecting and healing through compassionate listening, providing supports and rapport building is necessary.

In my 5 years of work experience, I found myself quite successful in treating clients and conducting counselling sessions consisting of diversifying clients who are from different age group, sex and social cultural backgrounds. Such exposures and experience made me more confident about my work. My holistic approach about seeing MIND-BODY-SOUL as an integral part of human being and maintaining their healthy functionality needs to have balance addressing all of them encouraged me to adopt a ”Holistic Psychologist” approach. My practice reflects that also.

As afounder of ‘Nirvana : a platform of Wellness of Wholeness’ where Mind-Body-Soul integrated services are being provided through activities, counseling sessions, workshop conduction, and consultations and mentoring, follows the same mission and vision.

Bangladesh as a country where about 70% of the total population is youth, their mental wellbeing is important to address because, they are the future of the country. Nirvana believes that, there is a lack of quality activities, engagements & entertainments, which is leading our youth to frustrations and unhealthy cooping behaviors and loneliness. To fill this gap; Nirvana is proposing mind, body, soul integrated activities to provide them with better mental wellbeing services.

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