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Clinical Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher


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Chieko yasuda

Nirvana is proud to introduce you all with one of our expert who will conduct Hypnotherapist & Meditation programs in Dhanmondi. Stay tuned, for the event details, and for now, you get to know “ Chieko Yasuda“ and her expertise.

Chieko Yasuda

Chieko Yasuda is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from Japan Board of Clinical Hypnotherapist and National Guild of Hypnotist in the USA. Hypnotherapy is one of the approaches to psychotherapy. It can access deep inner mind for self-understanding, healing, and positive transformation. She was trained in Japan in a leading hypnotherapy training institute. She also got training in the USA by Dr.Brian Weiss, the legendary hypnotherapist in Past Life Regression Therapy and the author of “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

Besides that, she is a Meditation Teacher with 600 hours of practical meditation training.

She established a Hypnotherapy and Meditation salon “Holistic Life” in Dhaka to promote the body-mind-spirit balance of human life.

She believes every person has great inner capacity and insight towards the happiness of life. Her interests are Law of Attraction, Psychic Power, Universe, and Spiritual Path and Akashic Records. Her mission is to support people for self-realization of personal, mental, and spiritual happiness.

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